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About Us

"Pizzaiolo," for male pizza chef, and "Pizzaioli," for female pizza chef, would best describe our family and our desire to serve "Old World Style Artisan Wood-Fired Pizzas" to you and your guests!

Working with food was an inspiration I developed at a young age. While still in school, I started working at local restaurants and food markets, learning the value of fresh ingredients.

My desire to work around food continued as I spent several years after school working at my family's Farm Market . The quality between farm fresh food and food purchased at your local grocery store cannot be compared.

To me, the concept was easy: give people quality, fresh food direct from the farmers with fair price and great service. Besides, isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

"Rollin-Stone-Wood Fired Pizza" started from our home kitchen in 2007. From the very beginning we insisted on finding the best ingredients available and following the "Old Word Artisan Style Techniques." Made fresh, from scratch, and in a wood-fired oven.

After much research and hosting pizza parties for family and friends, I soon discovered that you cannot cook the perfect pizza without using a wood-fired oven. It was the perfect solution, but there was a big problem- we didn't own a wood-fired oven, and kitchen ovens cannot reach 900 degrees. So my search began, and it led me west to Colorado where I would learn the concept of a mobile pizza oven business and how to make great pizza inside a wood-fired oven. In 2011, we purchased our very own "Mugnaini Wood-Fired Pizza Oven." It was an Italian oven designed by Refrattari Valorianai.

We are a family operated business who would love bringing our wood-fired pizza oven to your event. You and your guests will be entertained watching the hand stretched dough, the fresh ingredients, and the sparkle from the wood-fired oven cooking their pizza in less than 2 minutes. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

The Ovenwood fired pizza oven

The oven is a wood-fired "Mugnaini" imported from Italy. The oven cooks pizzas at 900 degrees and cooks them in less than 90 seconds; this is the best kept secret to great, hand-crafted pizza. This magic cannot be created in a home oven, a commercial convey, or gas oven. This option allows us to bring our mobile operation to your event and cook pizzas for hundreds of guests in a very short time.

wood fired pizza truck

The Dough

The dough is our own special blend of imported Italian flour and other local flours that gives our dough that unique soft, light, crackly, and crispy taste that cannot be compared. And, of course, it is always hand-stretched so no 2 pizzas ever look the same- staying true to the Artisan tradition.

The Sauce

It's a secret! But we can tell you it's made with 100% vine ripened Italian tomatoes. We add our own special spices to give you that sweet, seasoned taste you will love. These tomatoes were ingredients in the sauce that was awarded best pizza sauce in the city of Boston I knew I had to find out why! Nothing over the top, just 100% pure vine ripened and hand selected by their buyers.

The Cheese

No secret here! We selected "Grande Cheese Company," which is considered by any true Artisan pizza maker to be the best in the industry; chewy and stringy!

The Toppings

Hand selected from local farm markets when available.





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